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Kevin McDonald, in my opinion, is a pretty funny guy. I just wish that he was in more stuff. I saw him on a few cameos, like on Drew Carey, News Radio, Seinfelf, Friends, Ellen and Johnny Bravo. I heard wrote a screenplay(?). But other than that, I have no idea what he is doing.
I don't know a whole lot about Kevin, except that he grew up in front of the TV and stopped working on his homework and on his jokes. When he got older, a teacher who like him said he should go into a comedy workshop, and he did and met Dave Foley. The rest is history.
He is 5'9, and he is 37. He had a wife named Tiffany Lacey. And they divorced in 95. Oh, and he was in Dinner at Freds. He played Fred. Oh yeah, and that he's a Tauras like me!! (my B-day is may 7th, his is on May 16th, 1961)
Recurring Characters:
Mr. Tisane
Dean (the King of Empty Promises)
Jerry Sizzler
Rudy the Pimp
The Bearded Lady
The guitarist and singer of Armada
Sid's friend
Darcy Pennel
Gavin's dad, Nick
The guy who loves flying pig
One of the "Nobody Likes" guys
Sir Simon Milligan, Master of Funk and Evil
One of the guys from New York

If any of my info is wrong, or if you want to add anything, than E-MAIL ME FOR GOSH'S SAKE!!!!!
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