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Sexboy's Characters

This part is where I identify all of the people that Kevin McDonald has played. But not the recuring characters. To see those, go to his bio. It will probobly be up-dated almost everyday, since I watch the Kids in the Hall everyday. So come back! And if you want to add any characters, than e-mail me.

Lyle Gordan-The accent teacher
Tom-The guy who is a bed wetter, is a satinist, according to this phycho guy played by Dave. the Garbage Man, who's partner to the bad bad garbage man
the officer who needs his "ulser medicene".
the "eye"
the Guy who said that the letter said DOG not GOD
the butler of Tyrone Bibbons, Esquir who writes to everybody
the guy who invited Tanya to his party
Unfortunutly, that's all I have.
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