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Here are some sounds that I collected on the internet. I'm not taking any of the credit for any of them, and most of the places I got them from there is a link to that page in the Links Section. If not, than e-mail me to put it on.

dead.wavYou'll be sorry when were dead...
gas.wavNow were cooking with evil gas!
gay.wavI'm not gay... But then again, I never used to like asparagas, but I do now!
Jerry.wavJerry, you are clearly insane!
pit.wavGood evening! And welcome to the pit, of ultimate darkness.
pit1.wavGood evening, and welcome to the pit of pen-ultimate darkness. Apparently someone has opened a pit slightly darker than ours...
screwu.wavScrew you.
sick.wavI'm just sick about this.
tea.wavCan I have a tea please, chamomile tea?
tony.wavTony Henderson, you have been made a fool of(?) by the forces of darkness.
cab.wavI don't have enough money to pay for this cab.
kithgotohell.wavOh I'll go to hell, but I swear I'll take you along for the ride!
mort.wavYou want a mortician, you want a mortician, you want a mortician!
kane.wavIt was Citizen Kane, It was Citizen Kane, it was citizen kane!
madwpowr.wavDave:Are you serious? Kevin: I am serious! And I am dangerous! For I am second assistant of the ninth floor, in charge of requesitions and suplies, and I have gone mad with power!!
officsub.wav Dave: Well Mr. Velaine, I'm from the bank. And you have not made any payments on your submarine. Kevin: I sent you my payments. Dave: No Mr. Velaine, what you sent us was alot of empty pop cans. Kevin: Pop cans, money! Ofiice, submarine! Dave: No no no no...
stumps.wav Stop it! Stop it, I'll kill you with my own stumps! Stop it! Stop it!

Thanx to Laura for donating mort.wav, kane.wav, kithgotohell.wav, cab.wav, stumps.wav, madwpowr.wav and officsub.wav. Back to Home Page