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i! I am Rachael Roberts! And welcome to my little division on the www. You are the person to come here, according to Mr. Counter. I decided to make a tribute to Kevin McDonald, when I found there was a couple of site devoted to him. And this perplexed me. But Now that I have one, I am happy again. :> As happy as a duck. You see, Kevin McDonald is my hero. Obviously, he is my all time fav Kid. Every time I see him on TV (even if it's not on KITH) I just break out in giggles. He is so cool. And everybody should know that. Not that all the other Kids are great, cause they are. They're all funny in a different way, I think.
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WOW!!! Up-dated... Hey! I just recently saw 'The Wrong Guy' with Dave Foley. It was halarious. Kevin McDonald had a cameo as the hotal clerk. His hair was a bit scruffy, but he was still whimsical.
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Wow! Everybody must watch the Season Premier of The Drew Carey Show. Kevin is going to be on it.

I just heard from the KITH cluby, from Jerry Sizzler, that since it's almost the Kids' 10th Aniversary, they might go on tour!!
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If anyone knows where I can write to Kevin McDonald, that please!!! E-mail me, because I am dying to know!!!
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